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When it comes to adventure and travel, you see it time-and-time again, people basically talk themselves out of it instead of into it. They believe it takes certain amount of time or money to visit a far destination in this World. We don't blame them! Most travel sites/social media pages/blogs show a couple who just spent 3 months in Thailand, living the van life in New Zealand, or just quit their jobs to see all of Europe. That intimidates an average person or traveler and we are here to break down the common misconceptions about destinations and inspire you to take that trip now! 


If you're like us and don't like waiting for that time in life to have 2 months to travel Europe and want to show others all trips are possible now, reach out to us, we'd love to share your travel stories right here on this site. 

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Our Vibe and Venture shop is inspired by the people, places and things we love. And because we love the mountains and all things outdoors, we give a percent of our sales to nonprofit organizations dedicated to protecting our environment.

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